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Germany’s largest centre for preventative medicine and sports medicine introduces itself

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Three outpatient clinics in Munich and Starnberg offer thorough internal and cardiologic tests for all those who would like to check and improve their health, whether they have statutory or private insurance. Each year the centre for preventative and sports medicine which is headed by director Prof Martin Halle treats more than 10,000 patients of all ages, from couch potatoes to hobby athletes and Olympic champions, from adipose patients to cancer and cardiac patients.

Decades of experiences, state-of-the-art diagnostics at the Rechts der Isar Hospital Munich and a team of highly qualified specialists, sports- and nutrition scientists, and medical staff ensure ideal patient care. The goal: to sustainably improve health, quality of life, and performance. After all, exercise and sports are the best way to prevent illness. Here, sports is seen as medicine, and exercise in the right dosage as a drug.

 © Silvia Béres
© Silvia Béres

Regular checks with sports medicine specialists

No matter if they are runners, cyclists, walker, hikers, or cross-country skiers: hobby athletes of all ages should know whether their heart and their arteries are in good shape and what “dosage” and training intensity are ideal for them. Regular sports medicine check-ups provide information on one’s health and individual fitness.

In many cases both hobby and professional athletes train too much and wonder just why their performance doesn’t improve. Lactate performance diagnostics / lactate tests and maybe spirometry with individual training counselling can provide clarity here. And in order to make sure that performance does indeed increase, stimulus via training and breaks needs to be balanced properly – because recovery phases are training phases, too. Individual questions such as “Can I train – can I take part in that competition?” can be answered in dedicated athletes’ consultation hours.


Advantages of a dedicated sports medicine check-up with lactate test:

✔ certainty about health status, performance, and physical capacity

✔ avoiding physical damage and overexertion

✔ avoiding risks

✔ better training management