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Interview with Amir Suljic from Cum Laude Immobilia Kitzbühel

No matter if it’s about idyllic chalets, tasteful penthouses, or charming luxury apartments – Cum Laude Immobilia Kitzbühel has the perfect luxury property for every taste. Demanding clients are advised by certified real estate agents at the highest level and they can be sure to always have a strong partner by their side. La Loupe spoke with the manager, Amir Suljic, about Kitzbühel’s appeal and life as an estate agent. 

Amir Suljic
Amir Suljic

L.L. / Mr Suljic, Cum Laude Immobilia is headquartered in Kitzbühel – a very prestigious region as far as real estate goes. What is it that makes the popular alpine destination so appealing for all those looking to buy property?

A.S. / The Tyrolean charm certainly is part of it, the mountainous landscape, the fact that it’s a year-round tourism destination and a stable real estate market. And, of course, the fact that the region is easy to reach and safe are decisive factors for its popularity, too. Aside from that there are numerous sports and cultural events and there is a great range of excellent restaurants – also an advantage. 

L.L. / As an outsider it’s hard to know what your job actually comprises. What does your average workday look like?

A.S. / I get up at 5:30 every day, the first thing I do is take my daughter to the bus stop. Then I work out for about an hour and have breakfast with my wife. I get to the office early, between 8 and 8:30, that way I manage to take care of a few things before Cum Laude Immobilia opens at 9. I check my e-mails, work on inquiries, and talk to my team about the daily business. Of course, there also are appointments such as viewings, taking stock of new objects, and there are meetings with architects and interior designers – we also help plan and design our customers’ houses. I am my colleagues’ voice and if certain things need taking care of I am there for all of us. I usually call it a day between 7 am 8 pm. Aside from that my team and I are always on the go and available for our clients. 

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L.L. / Cum Laude Immobilia has a professional team that assists all those interested in purchasing real estate. What is it that makes a good estate agent?

A.S. / Our team has been successful for many years and we know the property market in Kitzbühel like the back of our hand. Our clients are our top priority and we still give our word with our handshake. Aside from that we have long-standing experience with exclusive real estate and demanding clients. Discretion, reliability, and experience are what make real estate consultants like us good. 

L.L. / Your motto is ‘Your partner from start to finish’. What are the advantages of choosing Cum Laude Immobilia for both, home seekers and sellers?

A.S. / It’s important to us to make sure every party involved is happy and that it’s a win-win situation for all partners. This starts with professionally presenting the object, clarifying legal and financial matters, and it goes all the way to talking through all the questions buyers or sellers still need answers to – we consider all this to be our job. We accompany our clients from first viewings to notary appointments, we recommend lawyers, interior design firms and carpenters. Aside from that we now also have our own team that takes care of facility support and cleaning for real estate that’s already been sold. 

L.L. / Last but not least: You are at the source, so to speak – have you found your very own dream home?

A.S. / Yes, I most definitely have. My family and I live on Jochberg. The property was not quite perfect at the beginning but we gave it a once-over and are now very happy with it. 

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Amir Suljic's Wordrap

These three things are part of every good consultation: knowledge of market and object, reliability, negotiating skills.

In a few years’ time, the real estate market in Kitzbühel will be … still expanding, with room left to grow.

House or apartment? Depends on budget and the client’s wishes.

In the ‘City of the chamois’ I like to spend my time off … sometimes at Fünferl with colleagues, or at Reisch Bar or Hillinger.

Online real estate portals – blessing or curse? We are an innovative and tech-savvy company so for us it’s a blessing.