Climb up and rush down…

Interview with Michi Weber

Michi Weber, customer consultant for ski touring equipment at Sport Conrad loves the challenge of snow-covered peaks; he likes taking photos of ice crystals and loves the loneliness of the mountains. He frequently puts the skins on his skis early in the morning only to be enchanted by the absolute quiet and fascinating nature. An attempt at describing a passion…



What is so fascinating about ski touring?


The physical exertion, the feeling of doing yourself some good. The way the spectacle of nature is different every day. The lighting mood, the movement of the clouds, the ice crystals in the trees. I always bring my camera and I capture the many special moments. And it’s even better when the touring partner appreciates these things as well.


What is your idea of a perfect ski tour?


Well I think all ski touring fans have the same dream: 30 to 40 cm of powder snow, avalanche risk level 1, not too busy and bright sunshine. A classic spring tour is super relaxed. During the night the snow becomes hard and freezes over. In the morning you start early, have some food at the summit until the snow is soft enough for a great descent. The avalanche risk is low and well assessable.


What do you prefer – solitude or the social aspect of a ski tour with friends?


For off-piste tours I generally recommend not going alone. If you’re out and about in a bigger group, the performance levels and risk awareness may vary. Which is why I think a group of two to three people is the ideal constellation for ski tours. In case you do go alone, definitely tell someone about the planned start, the descent and the end of the tour.


What do you enjoy more – exerting yourself during the ascent or the rush of the descent?


It’s the combination that really makes it so great. During the ascent you can let your thoughts wander and talk to your companions. You definitely look forward to the great descent to the valley and because of the tiring ascent you can enjoy it all the more.


Is there a place where you really feel the mountains’ power?


In our shop we have a great panoramic shot of the summit cross on Stuiben. I took that picture. The summit cross has a simple, original design and in front of the backdrop it just looks beautiful. On the North side of the Wetterstein, towards Wettersteinhütte you can enjoy perfect calm and an incredible view.


Would you tell us your favourite routes around Garmisch-Partenkirchen?


That’s a difficult choice. Eckbauer, maybe. You have the choice between the slope and off-piste area. Particularly in the mornings it is beautiful here. I won’t share my personal route for the ascent, that’s something everyone has to discover for themselves.

Touring evening

“The ski touring evenings on our local mountain are immensely popular. Seen from the valley below the many headlights that come down the mountain look like hundreds of fireflies.” “Very important: Always stay on routes signposted for ski touring and never cross barriers.” “The newest version of the ski touring evening guide lists the tour in Garmisch as moderately difficult. For the 600 altitude metres you don’t need to be particularly fit.”

Deep snow days

“It’s important to know how to handle good equipment.“ “During the deep snow days there is all the ski touring equipment you can possibly imagine.”


“All of the salespeople in our shop are athletes.” “A new generation of ski touring fans is growing up now. Their motivation is new: Meeting people, staying fit. A lot of money is spent on equipment.” “Customers come to us for our service, our attractive pricing and the great choice.” “Even towards the end of the season we offer a good choice in our shop.” “We’re Europe’s biggest online shop for ski touring gear.” “Personal advice is also available if you order online. The customers are very thankful for our feedback.” “In terms of risk awareness and speed we often let ourselves be carried away by others too much.”

Wordrap Michi Weber

Take the chairlift or climb up on the skins?

Although I like skiing my answer is climbing up on skins. Because of my job I spend a lot of time among people so I really enjoy the solitude.

Waxing skis manually or by machine?


Carving on the slope or fatboys off-piste?


For me a perfect skiing day…

is when the slopes are huge and there’s no-one else there.

I would like to take this person on a ski tour:

The legendary host of Pleisenhütte, Siggi Gaugg. We’re going on a ski touring trip to Georgia soon.